How it Works

Want to know more about selling your gold? Looking to buy coins, bars or jewelry? Maybe you’re here to find out more about scrap gold fundraisers. In any case, you might be wondering what the process looks like. Exactly how does it all work?

It’s simple, really. Midlands Gold makes it easy for you, whether you’re selling, buying or fundraising. So let’s walk through the steps together for your peace of mind.

Which Midlands Gold Service?

Selling Items

Midlands Gold began as a simple but unique gold buyer. It’s still our primary service. That means we buy gold, and all other precious metal items that you want to sell. Come get a great price for your old jewelry, coins, bars, silver sets and even dental gold.

Buying Items

Midlands Gold sells bullion too, including gold, platinum and silver coins, rounds, and bars. We are an authorized distributor for Scottsdale Mint and sometimes offer secondary market items too. We offer attractive prices on high-demand and hard-to-find valuables.

Scrap Gold Fundraisers

Scrap gold fundraisers are an extension of our buying service. Churches, clubs and charities can easily raise significant amounts of money with a jewelry drive. It’s also painless for your supporters to donate unwanted, unused, broken jewelry items.