Scrap Gold Fundraisers

Can your group benefit from a financial windfall? How much do you need? How would you use it? Let’s talk about what a scrap gold fundraiser can do for your organization.

Organizations need money. This includes local churches, schools, clubs, teams and other non-profits. At different times extra funds are needed to cover operating costs or finance a special purchase or project.

Whatever the purpose, fundraising can help your organization meet its financial goals. Does your group need money? Contact Midlands Gold for help with your cash for gold fundraiser.

What is Scrap Gold?

“Scrap gold” is a general term for jewelry (mostly) that is damaged or unwanted. Common examples of scrap jewelry are broken necklaces, out of fashion charm bracelets and old high school rings. Lots of people have some scrap gold, because jewelry breaks and trends change.

Incidentally, the term “scrap gold” does not necessarily exclude platinum and silver jewelry. We buy all of these precious metals. “Scrap” simply means the jewelry is broken or unwanted. “Gold” is used because gold is the classic jewelry metal.

What is a Scrap Gold Fundraiser?

Scrap gold fundraisers are called “cash for gold fundraisers” and “gold buying fundraisers” too. Whatever we call them, they’re simple to set up and easy to run. Additionally, they can provide significant monetary assistance to your organization. Gold buying fundraisers one of the best fundraising ideas.

As a local gold buyer, Midlands Gold buys precious metals from the public. Clients bring their items to us, and we buy their items for top dollar. Your gold buying fundraiser will work similarly, except your donors bring their items to you, and we buy all of those items from you.

Hosting a Scrap Gold Fundraiser

Hosting a scrap gold fundraiser involves four basic steps: promotion, donation, collection and transaction. First, you promote the event. Then your members and supporters donate. Meanwhile, you collect their donations. Afterward, Midlands Gold purchases all items from you for a great price.

The result: ideally, your group gains a large sum of money to meet its financial objectives and accomplish its goals.

Step 1: Promotion

A well-executed promotion plan is key. The methods you use should fit your audience. This includes your usual audience as well as other people whom you hope to reach.

There are many free ways to engage your supporters and members. Your promotion activities should include email announcements and social media posts, at least. In addition, you can publish blog posts, send direct mail, and invite media coverage.

Step 2: Donation & Collection

Your supporters and members will join the effort by donating their scrap jewelry. The majority of items donated will be gold jewelry. However, all precious metals are welcome, as well as coins, bars, dental gold and silver sets too.

There are several points to consider about this step, and we can discuss them with you. In any case, it’s important to appoint one or more trustworthy people to collect and hold the items. This reassures your supporters and ensures that all donations are used to support your group.

Step 3: Transaction

Your fundraiser may last for three days or two weeks. That’s another matter for us to discuss with you. Nonetheless, when the event has ended, or at regular intervals throughout its duration, Midlands Gold will purchase the donated items.

We’ll come to you. We’ll examine, sort, weigh and evaluate the items in front of you, as we do for every clients. Then, after calculating a great price, Midlands Gold will pay your organization for the precious metals you collected.

We offer multiple payment options.

4 Benefits of Gold Fundraisers

Cash for gold fundraisers offer at least four distinct advantages over other common fundraising methods.

1. Everybody Has Scrap Gold

Picture broken necklaces, old rings and earrings that have lost their mates. Lots of people have these scrap gold jewelry items. They clutter jewelry boxes. They sit, forgotten, in dresser drawers. People don’t know what to do with them.

2. Scrap Gold is Easy to Donate

Your supporters aren’t using it, don’t need it and won’t miss it. Therefore, they’ll donate it readily, to the right cause. Parting with an uncared-for necklace is easier to reconcile, in one’s mind, than handing over precious cash.

3. Scrap Gold is Valuable

Gold is valuable, even in small amounts. The average person might give $10 or $20 to a typical fundraiser. Even a small gold necklace or medium ring is worth significantly more than this. So scrap gold offers the potential to raise more money.

4. Gold Fundraisers are Simple

Scrap gold fundraisers don’t require lots of preparation or elaborate setups. You won’t have to recruit a bunch of volunteers to run it either. Besides simple promotional tasks, you only need one person to manage the donations.

Start Fundraising with Midlands Gold

Hopefully, you can see the potential here. These fundraisers are easy for you and your supporters. Moreover, they can be a financial boon for your group, team or club. Midlands Gold was the first local gold buyer to offer this service, and Midlands Gold will help you make the most of your event.

Get started by calling Midlands Gold at 803‑272‑GOLD. Tell us about your organization, your audience and your goals. We’ll answer your questions, discuss your options and help you hold your own successful scrap gold fundraiser.

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