What We Buy & Sell

Midlands Gold began as a gold buyer, exclusively. Eventually, we acquired a SC retail license and became a bullion dealer too. For details about the items we buy and sell, and answers to many questions, please click on any of the links below.


Midlands Gold buys all fine jewelry. That means gold, platinum and silver, in any condition. However, we don’t buy or sell gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry.

Coins & Rounds

Midlands Gold buys and sells all coins, rounds and precious metal tokens. In fact, if it’s flat, round and at least partially composed of precious metal, we want to buy it.

Bars & Ingots

Midlands Gold buys and sells bullion bars and ingots. From little gold ingots that look like shiny Micro SD cards to hundred-ounce silver bars that resemble bricks.

Silver Sets

Midlands Gold buys antique silver sets. Do you have sterling flatware or tea sets or platters? Call us to get a great price.

Dental Gold

Midlands Gold buys yellow dental gold. Do you have gold crowns, gold bridges, or gold grills? Covert them into cash.