We Buy & Sell Bars & Ingots

Midlands Gold buys and sells bullion bars and ingots. This includes gold, platinum, silver and palladium. Our clients come from all over Lexington, and throughout the Columbia metro area. We offer competitive prices and excellent service.

Are you hoping to cash in your bars and ingots? Are you looking to buy bars and ingots? Come find out why Midlands Gold is the preferred local precious metals dealer.

Why Bullion Bars?

There all kinds of precious metals enthusiasts. Most of us are part investor and part collector. People who purchase coin and rounds tend to slant a little more toward the collecting mindset. People who accumulate bars and ingots tend to focus more on the investing aspect.

Bars and ingots come in all sizes. The smallest ingots (1/2g, 1g and 2g) look like shiny metallic MicroSD cards. The large 100-ounce of bars resemble reflective bricks. The sheer range of sizes and prices offers a way for almost anyone to invest in precious metals.

Gold Bars & Ingots

Gold bars and ingots are the classic precious metal investment. What self-respecting king, dictator or rich cartoon character doesn’t keep stacks of gold bars locked away in a vault? Common folks, who aren’t kings or cartoon characters, own gold bars too.

The most common gold bars range in size from a half-gram to one hundred grams. However, if you acquire a large inheritance or want to spend you life savings in one shot, you can purchase gold bars in multiple kilogram sizes too.

Numerous companies mint gold bars. Undoubtedly, Pamp Suisse and Credit Suisse are two of the most popular producers. Other brands include Perth Mint, Valcambi, Royal Mint, Scottsdale, RCM (Royal Canadian Mint) and Argor Heraeus. Midlands Gold buys and sells all brands and sizes of gold bars and ingots.

Platinum Bars & Ingots

Platinum bars and ingots occupy an interesting nether region in the world of bullion bars. They offer neither the stability of gold nor the affordability of silver. There was a time when the COMEX listed platinum’s price per troy ounce higher than that of gold. Currently, it sits at nearly half the price of gold.

Platinum jewelry is beautiful, but platinum bars are both speculative and expensive. This may be why there are fewer varieties of platinum bars than gold or silver bars available. You’re entitled to your own tastes and risk tolerances, though; each to his own.

Though we don’t encounter platinum bars as often as gold or silver, Midlands Gold buys and sells platinum bars and ingots.

Silver Bars & Ingots

Due to silver’s low cost, you might assume that silver bullion bars start in one-ounce sizes. Believe it or not, you can actually buy one-gram silver bars. Currently, one gram of pure silver is worth about sixty-six cents.

Silver fractional bars (bars weighing less than 1ozt) are novelties and carry high premiums. However, they make great gifts to encourage a young person’s interest in all precious metals.

Silver ingots are cast in all kinds of shapes, from bullets to miniature dog bones. In the normal rectangle shape, we commonly see 1-ounce, 5-ounce, 10-ounce, 100-ounce and kilogram silver bars. Common producers include APMEX, Silvertowne, Scottsdale Mint, RMC, Sunshine Mint, Metalor, Asahi, Engelhard and Johnson Matthey (the last two no longer operate). Midlands Gold buys and sells all silver bullion bars and ingots.

Palladium Bars & Ingots

Palladium is one of six Platinum Group Metals (PGM). These noble metals demonstrate a high melting point, heat resistance, chemical resistance and other unique properties. When they are found in mineral deposits, they tend to be found together.

Nobody allocates their entire precious metals investment in palladium. Rather, they invest chiefly in gold but diversify with some platinum or palladium. Unfortunately, there is no way to accurately test palladium; it must be melted down. Fake palladium bars abound too. Therefore, Midlands Gold DOES NOT buy or sell palladium bars.

What’s Next?

Midlands Gold buys and sells gold, platinum and silver of all kinds. How can we help you? Presumably, you’re interested in selling to us, buying from us, or both. Otherwise, you may be looking into a scrap gold fundraiser for your organization. We’ll explain everything. Click a button below to learn how each service works.

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