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Midlands Gold buys and sells coins of all kinds. This includes gold coins, platinum coins, silver coins, uncirculated coins, proof coins, graded coins, commemorative coins and coin sets. If it’s flat, round and made of metal, we probably buy it.

Sell your coins to us. We’ll pay you a great price in a comfortable, private, no-pressure office setting. On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy coins, you’ll find our prices very competitive.

Gold Bullion Coins

Gold has long been used as a store of value in coinage. However, 1967 marked the inauguration of modern gold coins, with the introduction of the Krugerrand. This was followed by the Maple Leaf in 1979, Libertad in 1981, Panda in 1982, Eagle in 1986, Britannia in 1987, Philharmonic in 1989 and Buffalo in 2006.

These are the signature lines produced by world governments. However, a few countries also produce additional gold coins series too. Midlands Gold buys and sells gold bullion coins.

All gold coins are composed of pure or nearly pure yellow gold. Krugerrands and Eagles are .9167 pure, or 22-karat gold. The rest are .999 (“three nines fine”) or .9999 (“four nines fine”) pure. Standard size gold coins contain a full troy ounce of gold, but fractional coin sizes (smaller versions of these popular coins) range from 1 gram to a 1/2 ounce of cold content.

  • US Gold Eagles (91.67%)
  • US Gold Buffalos (99.99%)
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leafs (99.99%)
  • South African Gold Krugerrands (91.67%)
  • Mexican Gold Libertads (99.9%)
  • British Gold Britannias (99.99%)
  • Chinese Gold Pandas (99.9%)
  • Gold Vienna Philharmonics (99.99%)

Platinum Bullion Coins

Of the three major precious metals (gold, platinum and silver), platinum is the newest metal to be used in bullion coins. Its use began in 1988, with the .9995 fine Maple Leaf (re-released in 2009 as .9999 fine). It was succeeded by the Eagle in 1997, Panda in 2005, Philharmonic in 2017 and Britannia in 2018.

One troy ounce is the standard size for any kind of bullion coin. However, smaller platinum coins range from a 1-gram “coin-let” to a 30-gram Panda (it’s odd, we know). Midlands Gold buys and sells platinum bullion coins.

  • Platinum Eagles (99.95%)
  • Platinum Maple Leafs (99.95 or 99.99%)
  • Platinum Britannias (99.95%)
  • Platinum Pandas (99.9%)
  • Platinum Philharmonics (99.95%)

Silver Bullion Coins

Silver: the poor man’s gold. Like gold and platinum, silver is a rare precious metal. Yet it is the most affordable, by far. Thus, buying silver bullion coins is an easy and popular way to invest in precious metals, a little at a time, without breaking the bank. Midlands Gold buys and sells silver bullion coins.

The minting of modern 1-ounce silver coins began in earnest in Mexico City, the oldest mint in the Americas. They minted their first Libertad in 1982. Afterward came the Panda in 1983, Eagle in 1986, Maple Leaf in 1988, Brittania in 1997, Philharmonic in 2008 and Krugerrand in 2017. Silver coins range from the 1/20 troy ounce (novelty size) to an entire kilogram in weight.

  • Silver Eagles (99.9%)
  • Silver Maple Leafs (99.99%)
  • Silver Krugerrands (99.9%)
  • Silver Libertad (99.9%)
  • Silver Pandas (99.9%)
  • Silver Philharmonics (99.9%)

Silver Rounds

Midlands Gold buys and sells silver rounds. Silver rounds are like silver bullion coins in that they are composed of .999 pure silver (sometimes sterling). However, you can note two key differences. First, silver rounds are privately minted. Second, their variety of designs are limitless.

Silver rounds are issued by small and large companies alike. However, there are several large producers or brands, which we encounter most often. These include APMEX, Engelhard, RMC, Silvertowne, Sunshine and Scottsdale.

There are thousands of different novelty rounds, collector rounds, commemorative rounds and tribute rounds. They range from a troy ounce to a kilogram in weight. Do you like baseball, Ford Mustangs, cowboys or Garfield? You can find rounds that celebrate them and anything else.

Old US Silver Coins

Once upon a time, the value and production of our money was tied to America’s gold and silver reserves. This was called the gold standard. During that period, many U.S. coins contained actual silver.

The decline of the gold standard began under FDR. Its dissolution was finalized by Richard Nixon. Starting in 1965, the Federal Reserve phased out production of new silver coins.

Over time, the remaining silver coins were snatched out of circulation by the public. Now they are traded by collectors and stockpiled by silver stackers. Midlands Gold buys old U.S. silver coins, also called “junk silver”.

  • Pre-1965 US Dimes (90% silver): Barber Dimes, Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes
  • Pre-1965 US Quarters (90% silver): Barber Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, Washington Quarters
  • Pre-1965 US Half Dollars (90% silver): Barber Half Dollars, Franklin Half Dollars
  • 1965-69 US Silver-Clad Kennedy Half Dollars (40% silver)
  • Old US Silver Dollars: Morgan, Peace

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