We Buy Dental Gold

Did you just have a gold crown replaced? Or a gold tooth pulled? Maybe you decided to remove your gold caps or grill. Get some cash for that old gold. Call up Midlands Gold, the preferred dental gold buyer in Lexington, SC.

Dental gold is valuable, whether you just underwent some dental work or have gold hardware sitting in a drawer. Sell your dental gold to Midlands Gold. We’ll turn those painful memories into a wide smile, without nitrous oxide.

Gold Crowns, Bridges, Caps & Grills

There are two kinds of dental gold.

The most common variety of dental gold is applied by dental professionals. Gold crowns are used to repair and protect your tooth after a deep filling or root canal. Gold bridges connect to existing teeth and replace missing teeth.

The other kind of dental gold is purely aesthetic in purpose. Basically, removeable gold caps and grills are mouth jewelry. People wear them, because they like the style.

Dental gold is semi-permanent, at best. That crown may be replaced sometime, or that crowned tooth will be pulled. As for cap and grills, people tire of wearing unnecessary gold pieces in their mouths, and the novelty fades eventually.

These dental gold items are easily converted into cash. So instead of losing them in a drawer, call Midlands Gold. We’ll give you a great price, up front.

What’s Next?

Midlands Gold buys and sells gold, platinum and silver of all kinds. How can we help you? Presumably, you’re interested in selling to us, buying from us, or both. Otherwise, you may be looking into a scrap gold fundraiser for your organization. We’ll explain everything. Click a button below to learn how each service works.