We Buy Jewelry

Midlands Gold buys gold and platinum jewelry. We’ll buy it in any condition. It doesn’t matter if some or all of your jewelry is bent, broken, kinked or missing pieces. You’ll still get a great price for it from Midlands Gold.

Sell your old jewelry to us. We welcome your promise rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity bands, anniversary rings, cocktail rings and your old class rings. Bring us your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants too. We buy them all and will pay you a top price.

About Scrap Jewelry

The phrase “scrap jewelry” is a general term. Mainly it refers to broken or damaged jewelry, like kinked herringbone necklaces or bent rings. It can also mean old jewelry that’s out of fashion. Some dealers say “scrap jewelry” to broadly indicate any non-retail jewelry (i.e., pre-owned jewelry).

At Midlands Gold we apply the terms “scrap jewelry” and “scrap gold” sparingly. We use them to denote broken jewelry pieces. We aren’t trying to insult you in any way.

Clients sell their jewelry to us for many different reasons. Some of it is broken, but most of the jewelry we buy is in fine condition. Even a damaged piece may be special to you because of the story behind it. Maybe you don’t want to sell the item, but you have an overriding reason for doing so.

The point is, lots of folks wouldn’t appreciate me calling their jewelry “scrap”. Don’t worry about that. We’ll read the mood and show proper respect.

Gold Jewelry

About Gold Jewelry

People have created jewelry from gold for thousands of years. Even the Bible mentions gold jewelry as an adornment. It’s shiny, expensive and attracts attention.

All varieties of gold in jewelry are actually gold alloys (except 24K, common in Asia and the Middle East). They are mixed with other metals, such as copper and nickel. It’s why 10K gold (less pure) costs less than 18K gold (more pure). Adjusting the ratios changes the color of the gold too.

Gold Jewelry We Buy

Midlands Gold buys all gold jewelry, regardless of purity, color, or other variety.

  • 10-Karat Gold, 10K or 417
  • 14-Karat Gold. 14K or 585
  • 18-Karat Gold, 18K or 750
  • 22-Karat Gold, 22K or 917
  • 24-Karat Gold, 24K or 999
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold (higher nickel content)
  • Rose Gold (higher copper content)

Platinum Jewelry

About Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is a white metal, like silver and white gold. The platinum alloy in jewelry contains rhodium and palladium. Yet platinum jewelry is more pure than most gold jewelry.

Like gold, platinum doesn’t rust or tarnish. On the other hand, platinum weighs 59% more than 14K gold and is harder to work with. So, although pure platinum is worth less than pure gold by weight, these factors result in higher retail prices for platinum jewelry.

Platinum Jewelry We Buy

Midlands Gold buys all platinum jewelry, regardless of purity or specific design.

  • 800 Platinum, 800PT or 800PLAT
  • 850 Platinum, 850PT or 850PLAT
  • 900 Platinum, 900PT or 900PLAT
  • 950 Platinum, 950PT or 950PLAT

Other Kinds of Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

The majority of silver jewelry is “sterling”. This means it’s 92.5% pure silver. Despite it’s high purity, though, silver tarnishes, unlike gold and platinum. So silver jewelry requires a little more maintenance.

Sterling silver jewelry offers luster at a widely accessible price. Of course, it’s affordable, because it’s less valuable than other precious metals. Silver’s value is about 1/100th of the value of gold. So it would take one hundred silver rings to equal the value of one gold ring.

Silver holds a well-deserved place in the world of jewelry. Nonetheless, many folks are unpleasantly surprised at the market value of their silver jewelry if they try to sell it. Therefore, we only buy silver jewelry if you have a large amount, or if you bring it in with gold and platinum items.

Plated Jewelry

From a precious metal perspective, all plated jewelry is worthless. These pieces are comprised of ferrous cores (iron-based alloys), covered with a thin layer of electroplate. Gold-filled jewelry is the same, except the core metal is copper. Even heavy gold electroplate (HGE) and rolled gold jewelry, though they may cost more, are hardly worth anything. Midlands Gold does not buy electroplated jewelry.

Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry does not contain any precious metal. Lots of costume jewelry features colorful beads and interesting embellishments. Any gold or silver parts are just a color. There’s nothing at all wrong with wearing costume jewelry, but Midlands Gold doesn’t buy it.

What’s Next?

Midlands Gold buys gold, platinum and silver of all kinds. How can we help you? Presumably, you’re interested in selling to us, buying from us, or both. Otherwise, you may be looking into a scrap gold fundraiser for your organization. We’ll explain everything. Click a button below to learn how each service works.

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