Who is Midlands Gold?

Midlands Gold is more than just a local gold buying business. We’re more than a jewelry reseller and coin dealer too. Yes, we buy and sell gold, platinum & silver of all kinds, and offer multiple payment options. But what really sets us apart?

People choose Midlands Gold for specific reasons. Basically, we’re different in several important ways. We think those differences will make a big difference to you.

our family

How We’re Different

A Unique Dealer

Midlands Gold isn’t a pawn shop or jeweler. We don’t operate a bright yellow, neon-lit “cash for gold” store, either. Clients meet with us, one on one, in a comfortable, safe, private office.

A Better Experience

We appreciate our clients and consider it a privilege to serve this community. So we treat you right. You’ll receive competitive prices and excellent service from Midlands Gold.

Better professional reputation

A Great Reputation

Sellers remark that the process is easy and relaxed. Buyers enjoy the simple shopping and pickup process. Everybody enjoys our prices; many tell their family and friends to come see us.

We’re Here for You

Lots of people have gold, platinum or silver items that they want to sell. Others want to buy jewelry, bars and coins. Yet they’re uneasy about it. They, and maybe you, worry about unsavory characters and shady business practices. We understand completely.

That’s precisely why discerning clients prefer Midlands Gold.

There’s only so much we can say to persuade you. Just give us a call to get started. We’ll do our best to reward your trust with excellent service.