Linking Policy

We are keenly aware that some people have disabilities. I live with a disability too. So Midlands Gold takes extra steps to accommodate customers with disabilities.

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) does not apply to Metal Man, officially. However, we are aware of the standards. Moreover, we consider them best practices for every business that values its customers.

You could describe Metal Man as an ADA-friendly business. We aren’t compelled by government regulations or guidelines. We just care about people and want to serve all of our customers well.

Website Accommodations

The website was designed with built-in features for disabled visitors. Some of these are specific to visually-impaired visitors with screen readers. Some provide a better user experience for visitors with limited dexterity. Others apply to users with color blindness.

  • All pages adhere to a simple layout.
  • Large body text and buttons are used.
  • Text abbreviations contain periods.
  • Text hyperlinks contain clear descriptions.
  • Text hyperlinks are colored and display an underline when selected.
  • Images are labeled with alt tags.
  • All content is cross-browser compatible.

Service Accommodations

People with mobility issues and other physical disabilities enjoy equal access to our services too. You’ll find several disabled parking spots in our parking lot. Our building is equipped with entry and interior doors that will accommodate a wheelchair, as well as an elevator. In addition, the interior is spacious enough for any mobility equipment to navigate easily.

Equal Access

We gladly serve clients of all ages (21 and older) and abilities. So come see us. Bring your cane, scooter or wheelchair. Walk in, shuffle in or roll in. Metal Man will treat you fairly and respectfully.