Our Story

I left the US Army in 2003 after serving honorably as an Airborne Infantryman. Three months later, I was admitted to the ER at the Philadelphia Veterans Hospital. The doctors there diagnosed me with a life-changing medical condition and worked to save me.

A few months later, I married my wonderful wife, Iryna.

It was a busy year, with life-changing events.

As a new husband, with medical issues, I began searching for a good business idea. Eventually, God led me to gold buying.

We set up shop in Indianapolis as Metal Man. We offered one service: buying precious metals (jewelry, coins and bars) from the general public.

Our old gold business logo.

Years before, I had visited a pawn shop and sold some valuable items for a pittance. I felt stupid afterwards. To me, lowballing and haggling with customers was the wrong way to conduct business. So, from the beginning, I pledged to treat our customers right.

I checked other buyers’ prices and paid my clients more. I met them at their homes and workplaces too (laws have changed since then). They enjoyed the experience.

Word spread quickly.

Half of our customers in that first year came as referrals from other clients. Metal Man soon became the preferred “cash for gold” guy in upscale Indy districts and suburbs.

In 2019, after moving to the great state of South Carolina, we re-opened in Fort Mill, SC (also as Metal Man).

Then, we moved a little farther south. On September 1, 2022, we opened our current office at 203 West Main Street, in Lexington. Now, we also sell coins and bars (subject to availability) and plan to begin selling jewelry in 2023.

We’ve changed our name to reflect our service area. However, you can be sure that Midlands Gold will continue working hard to be your preferred local precious metals dealers.

gold buying business book

“Most importantly, remember that your customers are people–not targets. Remember also that happy customers will prosper your business. Consequently, no transaction is totally successful without a satisfied seller.” (Page 42)

We Wrote the Book

We wrote the book on gold buying, literally.

After our initial success story, our family moved overseas. At that time, we didn’t expect to buy gold anymore. So I wrote a book to help aspiring buyers and to promote ethics in the industry.

This was the first and most comprehensive how-to book about the gold buying business.

Secrets of a Successful Gold Buyer sold more than a thousand copies. We removed it from publication after re-entering the industry. However, it’s still listed on Amazon. So feel free to check out what readers said about it.